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"If you want to burn yourself remember that I love you, and if you cut yourself remember that i love you, and if you kill yourself remember that i love you, call me up before you're dead we can make plans instead, send me an IM ill be your friend."

Snapple Queen

With tears in my eyes i begged you to stay, you said "hey man i love you, but No Fucken Way".


New bra. I’m in love.

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I like dresses with buttons

pretty lady

These photos are stunning.

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I took this photo a couple weeks back when you announced the possibility of an upcoming record appreciation theme. I know that since then your plans have changed so this photo doesn’t really match this week’s theme. However, I did take this photo after a particularly luscious romp session with my man, so if you use your imagination, maybe you can see a little bit of my post orgasm glow. The record is “Tom Scott and the L.A. Express”… a truly great and relaxing jazz album. 

I really appreciate when ninjas incorporate the theme into their submission, and I am very impressed when someone finds inspiration in two themes and combines them into one amazing submission. Thank you so much dear, this is such a great addition to the SS collection. And I hope I find that record. 

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how to cosplay

  • cry
  • procrastinate
  • spend obscene amounts of money at the craft store
  • ???????
  • pray to the cosplay goddess for redemption
  • bleed on costume
  • cry some more
  • woolah you are now a cosplayer

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growing up is realizing that every single one of your problems is caused by you being a fucking idiot

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